Key Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023 – Unlocking Innovation and Growth

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You have a company, customers and customer data. So, what can be done with all this data? How can you [...]

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Organizations See Nearly 300% Return on Investment with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Research Reveals

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What Is Salesforce Genie?

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Salesforce and WhatsApp Collaboration

Salesforce and WhatsApp Globally Collaborate to Transform the Interaction of People and Businesses At Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce and WhatsApp announced [...]

Dreamforce 2022

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Get more from digital

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Customer Experience for Customer Goods Companies at Different Times

We call the entire process from the initial contact of the customer with a brand to the end of the […]

Retail In Dynamic Times

Retail, a sector that has always been in direct contact with the consumer, stands at a key point in the supply chain. Consumers from different segments have access to a wide range of products and services thanks to the retail sector. At this point, retail is very closely related to almost all sectors in the business world.

3 Critical Steps for Good Relationship in Marketing

Good relationship in marketing is an increasingly popular term in today’s modern marketing strategy. Good relationship marketing addresses the closeness of the relationships with customers and it is concerned with whether the relationship is sustainable or not. In a competitive and developing marketing environment created by the producers with similar products, the marketing relationship also becomes important since the quality is also increasing.

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As we are all aware, the business world, like other areas of everyday life, is in a digital transformation. Although […]

Salesforce Has Been Chosen As the Number One CRM Provider for the Seventh Time In a Row

Salesforce Has Been Chosen As the Number One CRM Provider for the Seventh Time In a Row

Salesforce, a world leader in CRM, has been chosen by International Data Corporation (IDC) as the number one CRM provider […]

INSPARK Proud Facts – 2019

When 2020 appeared with a very different agenda, 2019 started to feel like a few light years away from us. […]


DRD Salesforce Success Story

We chose Salesforce because it is cloud-based and mobile, can be easily integrated with 3rd party software, provides thousands of applications on AppExchange and it is easy to develop custom mobile solutions.


Mikro Yazılım Salesforce Success Story

We and our business partners can access to information and processes from anywhere on anytime.


Gülhan Tesisleri Salesforce Success Story

Speed in the process of sending and receiving orders in wholesale fuel sales is very important. Well, I see the [...]


Tohum Autism Foundation Salesforce Success Story

It was great for us to work with INSPARK because they are a technology company that can understand the language [...]


Weber Salesforce CRM Success Story

‘Inspark ekibi ile çalışmak gerçekten çok zevkliydi. Bir projeyi başlayıp bitirmek üzere buluşmuş iki ayrı şirket gibi değil, gerçekten ortaya iyi sonuçlar çıkartmak için bir araya gelmiş bir ekip olarak çalıştık ki, bu bizim için son derece değerliydi.’


Gulf Insurance Group Salesforce Success Story

‘Working with the INSPARK team was really enjoyable. It was not as two separate companies working together to complete the project itself but as a team to produce good results together. It was extremely valuable to us.’

Istanbul Modern Success Story

“The reason why we decided to work with INSPARK was the team’s understanding of our different make-up and their enthusiasm.”

Gülcem Bayer Deniz, Director of Marketing, Istanbul Modern Customer Success Story

“To manage relationship and communication with our donors more healthy and accurate, we needed a software. We have spoken with friends in other NGO. All signs have shown Salesforce as a solution and INSPARK as a partner.”

Sanem Kaya, Fundraising Management Consultant

TOG Customer Success Story

“With the transfer of TOG’s data to Salesforce, reports on the workforce and the contribution of young volunteers to the community have gained a form that can be evaluated more effectively.”

Derya Kılıçalp – Manager, Resource Development and Communication Department


Fevzi Gandur Logistics, Salesforce CRM Success Story

“We invested in the best CRM solution in the world to turn knowledge into a corporate asset rather than a person.”

Haluk Yavuz, Head of Air Freight

TEGV Salesforce Success Story

“TEGV’s IT strategy is the realization of cost efficient and sustainabile application based on cloud computing and we met Salesforce Solutions at Inspark.”

Yeşim Apçin Demirek – Project Coordinator


Yünsa Salesforce Customer Success Story

“We had very high expectations in our CRM project. Furthermore, we had a very limited time to implement it. However, a solution-focused attitude with total dedication throughout the process from the INSPARK team helped us considerably.”

Sinan Yorgancıgil, Marketing and Commercial Strategy Manager, Yünsa

Liberty Sigorta Salesforce CRM Success Story

“ was instrumental in improving our business processes and especially in using time more effectively and efficiently”.

Defne Türkeş, Assistant General Manager

U.N. RO-RO Success Story

“We chose Salesforce as we attach great importance to CRM culture in our business. We manage our sales team effectively [...]

Mobilike Success Story

“INSPARK was able to comprehend the business model we had in mind, our current state, and where we wanted to get to.”

Volkan Biçer, Founding Partner, Mobilike


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