12 October 2020

3 Critical Steps for Good Relationship in Marketing

Good relationship in marketing is an increasingly popular term in today’s modern marketing strategy. Good relationship marketing addresses the closeness of the relationships with customers and it is concerned with whether the relationship is sustainable or not. In a competitive and developing marketing environment created by the producers with similar products, the marketing relationship also becomes important since the quality is also increasing.

History of the Marketing Relationship

Although the marketing relationship is considered as a new concept in modern marketing, it actually dates back to old times. For the first time in history, Richard Bagozzi mentioned the contribution of close relations with customers to trade in 1978. Immediately a year later, in 1979, another marketing pioneer, Johan Arndt, referred to a possible long-term customer-seller relationship significantly contributing to the seller’s long-term profit.

Although its history dates back to the 1970s, the importance of a good relationship in modern marketing has been just understood in recent years. Through the globalization, the development of the industry, and the competition in the local and world market, with a large increase in the number of companies producing the same product, it has resulted in a focus on creating good relations with customers to stand out among other competitors and sell the maximum amount of products to customers.

Recently, an attempt is made to establish a relationship between the company and the customer by using tools such as Salesforce CRM.

What Benefits Does Good Relationship with the Customer Provide?

A possible close relationship with current or potential customers is very important for companies trying to increase their share in the market. Through establishing a good relationship with the customers, a producer who is competing with the rivals in several areas tries to eliminate the risk of losing them to his competitors. He tries to ensure that his current customers are loyal to him so that he can search for new ones.

The following three steps are crucial for companies aiming to increase their share in the market by establishing good relationships with the customers.

1. Database Marketing Relationship

Database marketing is a marketing strategy in which a firm recognizes its customers in the database, offers them special opportunities, and tries to guarantee their loyalty by making them feel special. In other words, customer information is stored as a kind of collection. A leading example of database marketing is American Airlines. American Airlines has created a special card for its customers as part of its loyalty program. While this card provides the company with valuable information such as customers’ private information and information about their personal consumption needs, the company also provides its loyal customers with free tickets and some advantages and privileges through this card. Cardholders are motivated by the idea of being rewarded with more points and flying for free, so the company protects itself against the risk of losing its existing customers to its competitors.

2. Interactive Marketing Relationship

Companies can share special days with their customers, and they can also inform them directly about discounts, special deals, and even personal deals for customers or special days.

Having customers’ personal information offers companies a crucial advantage. In this way, they have the opportunity to have better communication with their customers and to establish a special relationship with them. This can put the companies one step ahead of others in this modern competitive environment.

3. Network Marketing

Especially after social media has been so involved in our lives in recent years, there is no need to spend a lot on promotion and advertising. Thanks to the internet, it has become very easy to reach more customers, and it is not difficult for companies to be recognized by more people.

Thanks to the network or network marketing, customers can now easily follow the companies they wish via social media, even if they do not have a card or any other privilege. Companies manage to establish close relationships with their customers with messages they give through the internet and social media.

By using the internet, you can both reach new customers all over the world and also establish a virtual connection with your existing customers.


Relationship marketing, which has become more important in the last fifteen years, is still developing actively, as competition increases day by day, and both customers and the quality of service are highlighted. A lot of research has been done and discussed on this issue. Relationship marketing is seen as the most important and critical marketing strategy in this century.

Now, the most important factor in marketing is about the customers, establishing a relationship with them, and making them feel good. In some cases, sharing an idea on any subject not only with the product served but also as a company or even only standing by the customers is a plus. With technology bringing all people closer, companies are in a race to establish close relationships with their customers by benefiting from the advantages of the internet and technology. Salesforce tools are also designed for companies to manage all these processes in the best possible way.

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