18 January 2018 Customer Success Story

"To manage relationship and communication with our donors more healthy and accurate, we needed a software. We have spoken with friends in other NGO. All signs have shown Salesforce as a solution and INSPARK as a partner."

Sanem Kaya, Fundraising Management Consultant, Salesforce CRM Customer Success Story

“People, in fact we all want to change something. But from time to time we think about “What can I even do by myself?”. invites you to go beyond this mindset. Because you are not only by yourself, you are never alone.

For instance, there was a campaign initiated for visually impaired people. Through this campaign our visually impaired friends are now able to sense the labels and colors of the clothes that they want to choose.” - Social Change Platform

“ is a young organization. It is an online platform with 200 million users in 196 countries. We can call as a social change platform. Its major goal is to help people in the world to raise their voice and reach authorities for the topics that they struggle.”

Donor Relationship Management

“ now is only supported with individual donations. Therefore, every single support is so valuable. Especially NGOs requirements change and evolve after having reached a certain donor audience. To manage relationship and communication with members more healthy and accurate, we needed a software.”

Project Management with Salesforce Reseller and Partner Inspark

“We have spoken with friends in other NGOs, got some feedback and then according to these evaluations we researched again with our own perspective. Where all signs have shown Salesforce as a solution and INSPARK as a partner. So, we came together with INSPARK”

“They’ve helped us to provide the best possible solution for our requirements. It was like we’ve been working together for years. Lots of manual operations we used to do as team have been eliminated and become automated. After our Salesforce project, has not only understood its supporters and donors needs more clearly but also strengthened the organic bond between them and

We made the right choice; signs have shown the right direction.”

Sanem Kaya, Fundraising Management Consultant

Industry: Non Profit

Project: Donor Relationship Management

Project Duration: 6 weeks

Modules / Functions: Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition

Project Year: 2017

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