Increase Customer Satisfaction with Salesforce Service Cloud

Customers want faster and more flexible service anywhere, anytime. With Service Cloud, you can provide your customers with the service they want, surprise them and make your team work more efficiently. Service Cloud, you can create a resource where the support team can access the information and find solutions to the problems of the customers through the portal with the knowledge base feature that provides for you to respond quickly to your customers’ questions. The platform is easy to use and customizable and can be accessed from anywhere at any time with the advantage of being cloud-based. You don’t need to invest in high-cost hardware and software.

Service Cloud is a flexible platform. As your business grows, you can increase the number of users and change your license package as your needs increase.


As you focus on your business, leave the developments and advances in technology infrastructure to Salesforce. Salesforce monitors the platform experience of its users and upgrades three times a year free of charge with the necessary improvements.

Increase your sales and after-sales service performance with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Why Choose Service Cloud?

Multichannel: You can integrate all the channels your company serves to your customers in a single application. Call center personnel can access all the information they need from a single screen, send e-mails during the phone call, and respond to customer questions via social media networks.

Flexible platform: You can integrate Service Cloud with APIs and other applications and software. Instead of searching for information between systems, you can find what you are looking for in one screen and make the necessary updates.

Knowledge: Salesforce Knowledge increases the efficiency of your call center employees in case management while avoiding unnecessary waste of time. Your customers are not dependent on the seniority and experience of our staff, they can receive corporate answers and services.

Collaborative Case Feed: The corporate network Chatter offers a feature for your employees to exchange ideas and collaborate to respond to the demands of your customers.

Live Chat: Salesforce Live Support allows you to instantly respond to customer inquiries via your website and corporate mobile applications.

Mobile: As a Salesforce cloud-based mobile application platform, it enables the recording of case records from anywhere (office or field) at any time. No need to wait for your staff to return to the office to create or update records.

360 View of the customer: Sales and Service must be managed on the same platform in connection with each other. Salesforce offers sales and service management on the same platform so that you can recognize your customers and offer them a perfect service by remembering your customers’ preferences.


‘It was really fun working with the Inspark team. We worked not as two separate companies who met to start and finish a project, but as a team that came together to really produce good results, which was extremely valuable to us.’

Rennan Altıntaş, Director of Operations


  • 80
    Monthly Amount Per User!
  • Case management
    Contract management
    Service Console Application
    Web and email reply
    Social Customer Service
    Lead and account management
    Order management
    Sales opportunity tracking
    Reports and Dashboards
    Call Center Integration
    Mobile access and management
    Salesforce Identity (single sign on)
    Monthly Amount Per User!

  • 165
    Monthly Amount Per User!
  • Advanced case management
    Multiple Console Applications
    Workflow and approvals
    Integration with API
    Corporate analytics
    Salesforce AppExchange
    Application development
    Multiple sandbox usage
    FAQ, Knowledge base**
    Live support**
    Customer Portal **
    Video support**

    (**) Subject to Additional Charges.
    Monthly Amount Per User!

  • 300
    Monthly Amount Per User!
  • Live support
    Knowledge base (FAQ)
    Data storage
    Advanced Sandbox usage
    24/7 free technical support
    Unlimited online training
    Customer Portal**
    Video Support (SOS)**

    (**) Subject to Additional Charges.
    Monthly Amount Per User!


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