14 December 2018

Gülhan Tesisleri Salesforce Success Story

Speed in the process of sending and receiving orders in wholesale fuel sales is very important. Well, I see the CRM system as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Kemal Gülhan, CEO

Speed in the sale of wholesale fuel is very important. Fuel oil is very fast consumed, not too much stocked, but it also affects the whole business process of the consumer.

Understanding the needs of the customer quickly, providing fast solutions to the needs, and sending sales offers immediately and the delivery of orders are very important in the wholesale fuel distribution service.

We were monitoring customers, bids, orders through different excel tables and documents. I thought it should be an easier way, and as a result of the research I found Salesforce CRM.

Kemal Gülhan, CEO


I have learned that a very large international fuel distribution company uses Salesforce. At first, I wondered if we could adapt this system to a local family company like ours and if could afford it.
Then I started to search for the Salesforce Partners in Turkey and I contacted INSPARK. I got answers to all the questions I had in mind and we started to work with Salesforce to integrate our business plan.
In a few weeks, our workflow moved to the Salesforce platform. After that, we started to save every contact, task and call in Salesforce.
INSPARK very clearly communicated how they could solve our needs, how long it would take and what it would cost to us. In all this time, we enjoyed working with INSPARK.

Kemal Gülhan, CEO


Industry: Oil & Logistics

Project: CRM 

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

License: Sales Cloud

Solution: Contact and Company Management, SFA

Project Year: 2018

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