9 August 2023


You have a company, customers and customer data. So, what can be done with all this data? How can you use this data to develop lasting relationships and grow your business? Many companies fail to answer these questions easily, seeking alternative products/services.

The world’s best CRM solutions provider, Salesforce also continues to lead the artificial intelligence realm. At INSPARK who is Salesforce’s first and most experienced business partner in Türkiye, we help you create rich, consistent and customized experiences through these solutions. For example, the customer relationship management (CRM) solutions by Salesforce eliminate data build-up between departments and contribute to your building of seamless and lasting customer relationships.

Here is completely fresh news from Salesforce with its rich range of products and services!

Salesforce announces Slack Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) to the business world!

During the World Tour event held in New York, Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff said: “The world is experiencing one of the most profound technological shifts with the rise of real-time technologies and generative artificial intelligence.” At this event, Salesforce announced Slack GPT that has been locally integrated into Slack, one of the leading solutions in CRM. Join us to get to know Slack GPT:

  1. Slack GPT is a totally new and effective experience of “chat-based artificial intelligence” that will change the way of doing business. Plus it will provide the power to reliably utilize customer data predictions by combining various artificial intelligence application integrations with the ability to use different language models. Additionally, it will run together with Einstein GPT, through which it will leverage CRM chat data, to increase the productivity of every company.
  2. Further more, Einstein GPT will not only try to contribute to the productivity of every employee, but will also make every customer experience more qualified by both artificial intelligence and creating personalized content in the Salesforce cloud. Thus, it will be capable of producing products/services that are constantly adapted to the customer’s changing knowledge and needs by using natural language prompts for Salesforce CRM systems.
  3. Lastly, Marc Benioff spoke about other solutions integrated with Slack GPT during his talk as follows: “The Einstein GPT technology comes at a crucial time as almost every company is focused on connecting with their customers more intelligently and in a more automated and personalized way. Einstein GPT, integrated with Slack, Tableau and MuleSoft, is another way we open the door to the future of AI for our customers. We will also be integrated.”

Don’t you think that all these changes bring another dimension to technology?

Designed for the era of artificial intelligence: Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse

The other trending innovation is Tableau GPT;

  • It will provide easier access to artificial intelligence-aided analytics for analysts to make smarter and faster decisions.
  • Tableau GPT, which is certainly not intended only for analysts, will also be capable of providing recommendations for sales leaders to help them achieve their goals.
  • Additionally, it will enable visualizations based on natural language prompts that display real-time progress against their quota.
  • On top of that, it will be able to generate contents for commerce leaders that provide insights as to the cause of a problem, as well as suggested solutions to resolve the problem.

Furthermore, Tableau Pulse will be capable of;

  • Offering both automated predictions and personalized analytics for product users and data consumers.
  • This will allow analysts and companies to automate data analysis, anticipate user needs and automatically generate new information in practice.

In addition, it is planned that Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse will be released in pilot later this year.

“Green Code” initiative by Salesforce aiming to reduce carbon footprint in software

The information technologies (IT) industry accounts for up to 3.9% of global emissions. In other words, it has almost reached the size of the airline and maritime industries. It is expected that these emissions will rise as companies increasingly incorporate software to execute their operations and accelerate their digital transformation. New technologists want to develop software applications that do 75% less harm to the environment. For example, you can make a big difference for the environment in terms of carbon footprint and for your company in terms of profit rate thanks to the small changes enabled by MuleSoft.

During the World Tour event held in New York, Salesforce’s President and chief engineering officer Srinivas Tallapragada said, “Sustainable engineering is good engineering. For this reason, technologists can play a critical role in the reduction of global carbon emissions. With Green Code, we’re hoping to inspire software teams and the entire IT sector to prioritize sustainability, just as they do performance, security and accessibility,” and indicated that Salesforce would set an example for the industry. In addition, Suzanne DiBianca, Vice President at Salesforce, described the corporate approach as follows: “Technologists and organizations leveraging these ‘green code’ best practices will accelerate their sustainability journeys. This will also provide efficiency and cost savings across companies in the IT industry. So, they will have demonstrated their ability to approach the challenge of sustainability in a professional manner.”

‘Smarter’ than all in marketing: Chat GPT

It is well known that Chat GPT managed to outperform many platforms by exceeding the one million-user limit in less than a week after it went live. Currently, the free version of Chat GPT is no longer available unfortunately since it usually runs at the limit of its capacity. It supports over 95 languages, writing love letters, blogs, and articles for you; formulates a shopping list with a lasagna recipe; and does your homework and more. But it goes without saying: You can create content in seconds using Chat GPT; that’s true, but the quality of human-created content is still not achieved in such content. Nevertheless, it is practically demonstrated that Chat GPT undoubtedly does a good job in supporting content marketing. In other words, the human and machine combination helps to promote content marketing. For example, companies can develop automated chatbots that scale customer services with the help of GPT models.

Introducing Clara Shih, the new artificial intelligence CEO at Salesforce!

Having graduated from Stanford University ranking at the top, Clara Shih then completed her education at Oxford University where she studied as a U.S. Marshall Scholar. Some of the titles to which she has been entitled since 2009 are a source of pride: Fortune’s “40 under 40”, “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs”, “Most Influential People in Technology,” and a “Young Global Leader”, etc.

Shih, who has until recently managed Salesforce Service Cloud – the world’s number 1 customer service, contact center, digital service, bots and field service solution, is now the new artificial intelligence CEO at Salesforce. Shih will oversee artificial intelligence efforts across the company, including product, go-to-market, growth, adoption, and workflow ecosystems for Einstein GPT that has been pioneering the field of customer relationship management. She indicates what she will focus on in her future works as follows:

“Initially, the first thing I will focus on is delivering generative artificial intelligence that is ethical, responsible, and safe for customers. My second area of focus is delivering business value from artificial intelligence. And third, I’m focusing on how we drive long-term transformation and sustainability for our customers.”

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