4 August 2020

Salesforce Has Been Chosen As the Number One CRM Provider for the Seventh Time In a Row

Salesforce Has Been Chosen As the Number One CRM Provider for the Seventh Time In a Row

Salesforce, a world leader in CRM, has been chosen by International Data Corporation (IDC) as the number one CRM provider for the seventh time in a row. In addition to having increased its market share with the highest percentage among 13 biggest CRM providers, Salesforce is seen as a market leader in terms of sales, customer service, and marketing applications.

According to Bret Taylor, the President, and COO of the Salesforce, “Every industry, company, and organization is facing a digital imperative and adapting their business models to the new reality. The latest IDC numbers underscore how companies are increasingly turning to Salesforce to help them digitally transform and deliver connected customer experiences.”

Along with the fact that Salesforce is the first CRM provider worldwide, it is also the market share leader in CRM in North America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific (including Japan). Today, more than 150000 companies around the world are growing their businesses with Salesforce.

So, if you wonder “What is Salesforce? Why should I use it?” you should keep reading our article. We summarized these answers for you below.

What is Salesforce?

As a world leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce has built a bridge between customers and businesses in this digital age. Since 1999, it helps businesses of various sectors and sizes to benefit from powerful technologies such as cloud, mobile, social and artificial intelligence.

As Salesforce is updated with advancing technology, it manages to grow its customer portfolio thanks to providing innovative solutions for new needs. The company that values collaborating with difference-making service providers to offer the best service has recently come together with Tanium, a leader in terms of endpoint security and management.

Approaching unanticipated crises like COVID-19 with innovative solutions, the company also guides marketers. As a solution-oriented partner, Salesforce brings a human touch to digital interactions with its 360 degrees CRM provider. Thus, it enriches its customers’ communication with their target audiences. For this, Salesforce offers a prominent service by its product Interaction Studio.

For those who say “We understand what Salesforce is, but what can we do with the CRM system?”, we are sharing some basic information about Salesforce’s solutions.

How Can Salesforce’s Solutions Help You?

Salesforce, which targets helping companies and startups of various scales to convert opportunities into sales, satisfies different needs with its different products.

Enrich your marketing actions

Thanks to its complete marketing solutions, Salesforce helps you enlarge your customer network. By using Salesforce products, you can use your insight about your customer data, and conduct a more efficient marketing strategy. These insights are taken from different sources. Action-oriented, goal-driven personal messages can be delivered.

Grow your business fast

As a reliable partner, learn about your customers’ needs and interests to maintain long-running strong relationships so that you can provide them with customized suggestions and solutions. Besides, you can increase your efficiency and revenue thanks to Salesforce that helps you automate most tasks and executive actions.

Initiate or develop your e-trade business

With holistic e-trade solutions by Salesforce, you can offer a perfect online shopping experience. E-trade solutions help you with integrating B2B and B2C buying experiences and merging trade for all departments. Besides, you can customize your shopping experience by using artificial intelligence and develop this experience through constant innovations.

Provide customer service from anywhere

You can offer personalized customer support through your customers’ preferred channel in their time zone. Salesforce can find solutions to problems, and you can deliver these solutions via e-mail, social media, phone, or chat. Gathering various channels under a single roof can save you time and improve your service quality.

Finalize your digital transformation

You can use Salesforce products to join the digital transformation quickly and to improve your team’s remote work. Thanks to digital transformation and automation, all your departments can manage work processes efficiently. For this, you can develop reusable applications and move them forward via artificial intelligence.

Get results fast with Salesforce Platinum Partner

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner, INSPARK supports you so that you can achieve more efficiency from the strengthening products and services of Salesforce. If you work with the right partner, you can quickly integrate CRM systems to your work processes, and get fast results by lowering the margin of error. Platinum Partners, as the highest level among four different consultancy categories, are reevaluated every year to ensure service at the highest standard. Thus, Salesforce makes sure that the companies that work with its representatives are provided good service.

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