7 November 2018

Gulf Insurance Group Salesforce Success Story

‘Working with the INSPARK team was really enjoyable. It was not as two separate companies working together to complete the project itself but as a team to produce good results together. It was extremely valuable to us.’

Rennan Altıntaş, Director of Operations

Gulf Insurance Group, with the vision to be the Turkey’s most admired insurance brand, provides services and products in both institutional and individual insurance.

Gulf Insurance Group has chosen for customer relationship management and Inspark Intelligent Business Solutions as Salesforce CRM implementation partner.


“What we say in our vision is to be the most creditable insurance company. And what does that mean? To be able to produce the right solutions to these demands from the industry without losing this beautiful accumulation and using the technology correctly. Over the time, we’ve genuinely noticed the ease that we have in our lives with Salesforce. We decided to continue with the system and increase the yield we get from it. In this period we worked with Inspark. I can say that this process goes on in a very harmonious manner, in a way that we want and it even exceeds our expectation. This is very pleasing.”
Ayşe Gardet, Deputy General Manager, Gulf Insurance Group


“Before Salesforce, we were managing these workflows with limited number of users. In this case these processes stuck at some point. We currently run this platform with 120 people, working together with departments and teams involved in the whole area. Whether or not we are in the office, since we use a cloud application we can connect from anywhere, we can perform our operations quickly and efficiently.”
Rennan Altıntaş, Director of Operations

“From February to July we worked side by side, we also had a lot of fun together on a level that is really effective due to a mutual understanding.”
Meral Azbay Yılmaz, Technical Operation Manager

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