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Advances in mobile technology are changing our lives. We order food from our smartphones, follow social networks or read product reviews. While buying habits change, of course, sales processes change as well.

While sales representatives and customers’ dependence on smartphones increases, how much are companies connected with their customers?

The smart customer expects smart services. The customer experience is more important than ever. The sales representative has no time for searching for leads, for disappearing between accounts or dialing the wrong number.

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, the sales representative has an application to manage all sales-related activities. It does not waste time with administrative affairs and allocates time for tracking sales opportunities.

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, the sales manager can monitor the team’s activities in real time and forecast sales.

Sales Cloud is an application which easy to use and to customize. Since it is cloud based, it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection at any time. No need for costly software and hardware investments. As your business and the number of employees grow, you can get the number of licenses and upgrade to suit your needs. As you focus on your business, leave the developments and advances in technology infrastructure to Salesforce.


Lead Management

  • Follow which channels the leads come from.
  • Measure marketing activities.
  • Monitor the sales process instantly.

Sales Opportunities

  • Get to know your customer
  • Track business opportunities and offers
  • Create collaborative space for the sales team
  • Measure and improve sales performance

Salesforce IQ – Business Intelligence

The smart CRM solution, which can be configured to suit the needs of your business in a very short time, will increase your sales.

Salesforce monitors the platform experience of its users and upgrades three times a year free of charge with the necessary improvements.

Increase your sales with the world’s #1 CRM.

Why choose Sales Cloud?

Mobile: The Salesforce Mobile App turns your smartphone into a sales office. You can automatically add phone calls to the customer account, respond to leads, update sales opportunities, and view reports.

Workflow and Approvals: You can design workflows for business process automation and easily create them with drag-and-drop tools. You can create approval flows to speed up processes that require administrator approvals.

Sales Console: The sales team can find all the information they need in a single screen in the sales console. You can make performance-enhancing improvements with business intelligence applications.

Email Integration: No one has to change the way they do business, whichever email program you use will continue working efficiently by integrating it into Sales Cloud.

Files Sync and Share: Document sharing, updating, real-time changes. You can quickly find the document you need and share it with your customer.

Reports and Dashboards: View sales reports and dashboards in real-time, create new reports for yourself, and access data anytime, anywhere.

Sales Forecasting: Making Sales Forecasting has never been so quick, easy and close to reality. You can update sales opportunities and use multiple currencies.

Territory Management: Regional sales are not easy to manage. With Sales Cloud, you can define, optimize and balance the sales model for multiple regions.

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Increase your sales and service capacity for high performance.

With Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, you can increase your sales and after sales service performance.

Sales Cloud, the sales force automation application offered by Salesforce, is used by millions of employees in more than 150,000 companies.

You can now use Salesforce CRM for free for 30 days and contact our consultants for further information.


“We chose Salesforce because we care very much about the CRM culture in our business. We effectively manage our sales team and use sales and operation reports to ensure that senior management makes efficient and quick decisions”

Jan Devrim, U.N. Ro-Ro Operations Inc. Chief Sales Officer


  • Automatic data recording
    Sales monitoring and management
    Smart task reminders
    Customer account management
    Email notification
    Continuous cooperation
    Smartphone applications
    Webinar and online trainings
    Monthly Amount Per User!

  • 80
    Monthly Amount Per User!
  • Organization and person management
    Tracking leads and sales opportunities
    Case management
    Reports and analysis
    Customizable instrument panels
    Bulk email and templates
    Sales forecasts
    Marketing campaigns
    Determine who can access which data
    Instant information sharing with partners
    Customer service features such as cases, solutions, and responses
    Monthly Amount Per User!

  • 165
    Monthly Amount Per User!
  • Lightning Professional features
    Workflow automation
    Sales area management
    Salesforce Identity (single sign on)
    Integrate with all applications via Software Programming Interface (API)
    Development test environment multiple Sandbox feature
    Sales Teams for opportunity sharing and collaboration
    Application development
    Monthly Amount Per User!

  • 300
    Monthly Amount Per User!
  • Lightning Enterprise features
    Extra Sandbox for testing and development
    Fully customizable mobile features
    Unlimited customizations and applications
    Increased storage space
    24×7 Premier Support and Online Training
    Monthly Amount Per User!


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