20 December 2022

What Is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie is a real-time platform used by the customer to create wonders. It provides a data update per millisecond, allowing your sales teams to address customer expectations at just the right time and in full detail. This allows you to significantly improve your sales performance and significantly increase customer satisfaction.

What Does Salesforce Genie Offer for Business?

Using Salesforce Genie, businesses have the chance to achieve significant gains in customer experience. For example, a business using Service Cloud Genie breaks all sales and marketing efforts for that customer until the issue is resolved by a customer having any issues with the product or service. Resolving the customer’s problem is prioritized by a trigger mechanism. Once the issue is resolved, sales and marketing activities for that customer will continue using a trigger mechanism again.

The Marketing Cloud Genie module in Salesforce Genie offers customized offers to visitors to your website. This will provide marketing materials that can attract the visitor and turn the visitor into a customer.

Is Salesforce Genie a Customer Data Platform?

Customer data platforms, a key marketing tool, are platforms that hold a large number of data and share data. But Salesforce Genie’s unique features separate it from a traditional customer data platform.

Salesforce Genie takes business one step further, delivering dynamic data of 360 degrees in real-time. In this way, existing customer data is constantly updated in light of new incoming data. This process is faster than previous applications, allowing faster action against the customer’s needs and aspirations.

At the same time, all data is stored in a single customer profile, resulting in a holistic view of the customer. Customer-specific data is shared across all Salesforce modules, ensuring that the required actions are taken quickly and more efficiently. Allowing a real-time response to customer behaviour, Salesforce Genie helps improve the customer experience.

How to Update Customer Data?

Thanks to the various technologies and methodologies available in Salesforce Genie, it is possible to continuously update customer data. Some processes included in the data update process can be listed as follows:

  • Salesforce Genie is powered by artificial intelligence that allows a data update per millisecond.
  • Automated workflows are available that allow automatic adaptation when new data arrives.
  • It offers unprecedented accuracy when it comes to analytics.

How Exactly Does Salesforce Genie Work?

As part of the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Genie delivers real-time data streaming, accelerating the cloud platform. Allowing all data to be connected, this structure complements the existing operational database, allowing massive data to be processed in a fraction of the time. Adding new data to previous customer data will improve customer experience. All these data processes take all necessary precautions regarding data ethics and data security. This helps to provide a solution that supports the customer experience, where data security and sharing are at the highest level.

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