The Future of Marketing:
One to One Customer Journey has been the world’s most innovative company for years. CRM leads the software and applications sector while keeping a close eye on marketing trends and best practices.

We are aware of the importance of marketing for businesses and know that the performance of customized marketing campaigns is high.


With Salesforce CRM solutions, you can give your customers an excellent experience, and with Marketing Cloud you can give the right messages at the right time in the communication channels your customers prefer.

Discover the world’s # 1 marketing platform for smart customer journeys.

Why Choose Marketing Cloud?

1. Part of Salesforce CRM

Marketing Cloud is’s digital marketing platform. Create customized campaigns and deliver appropriate messages throughout the customer journey through integrated marketing practices with Salesforce solutions.

2. The fastest growing CRM marketing platform in the world

Gartner announced that Marketing Cloud is the industry’s fastest growing CRM Marketing platform. Considering that interaction with customers is important today and that 90% of the big data has been collected in the last 12 months but only 1% has been analyzed, the opportunity for marketing department employees to recognize their customers is very important and valuable.

3. Helps you manage your customer journey

Marketing Cloud enables you to manage the communication process perfectly at all stages of the customer journey, from the first moment your customers realize your brand and company to your loyal customers.

Marketing Cloud is used in technology, production, retail, banking and many other sectors.

4. Our marketing platform enables you to connect your customers through all channels

With the spread of social networks and mobile technology, consumer habits change and marketing methods change. Marketing Cloud enables you to reach your customers. The advantages of Cloud Technology, Email Marketing, Mobile Applications, Data Science (Analysis) Tools and Internet of Things are all on one platform with Marketing Cloud for effective marketing and sales in renewed communication and interaction channels with technological developments.

5. Responds to the needs of medium and large enterprises

Salesforce is the leading company in the sector because its customers are successful. Marketing is one of the most important activities for a customer-oriented company. No matter what scale your business is, we offer you appropriate marketing application solutions and share our experiences with you to get the return on your investments quickly.


“Thanks to Salesforce CRM, we monitor our business processes on a single platform and can access all kinds of data instantly at any time.”

Volkan Biçer
Co-Founder, Mobilike

Email - Mobile
and Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
    Mobile Messages
    Marketing Automation
    Campaign Management
    Customer Journey Map
    Data and Analysis

Social Media
  • Social Media Listening
    Content Marketing
    Social Interaction Management

  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin advertising campaign management
    Visitor management and segmentation
    Social media campaign management and optimization

B2B Marketing
  • Create a lead
    Lead classification and qualification
    Lead tracking


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