Pardot is a cloud-based B2B marketing automation solution. Provides email marketing campaigns, lead pooling, and ROI calculation tools for marketing campaigns. It increases sales efficiency by working together on a single platform of sales and marketing.

Interaction – Interaction with customers gains a dynamic and personalized form.

Customer Experience – Campaigns using test tools provide a flawless customer experience.

Timing – Automatically assigns the right lead to the sales representative at the right time.

According to the survey conducted among Marketing – ROI – Pardot users (2015), there is an increase of 38% in interaction with prospective customers, 37% in the effect of marketing campaigns, 34% in return on marketing investment and 34% in sales.

3 Reasons to Use Pardot Marketing Automation Platform:

  • Pardot is the solution of, the most innovative company in the world.
  • For Pardot, customer satisfaction is more important than anything else.
  • With Pardot’s user-friendly interface, it is easy to create successful marketing campaigns.
  • Pardot and other platform solutions can be integrated.’s marketing automation application Pardot’s first and only certified partner in Turkey (Salesforce Pardot Certified Partner) for your needs, we offer the appropriate solutions. For detailed information and demo on Standard, Professional and Ultimate license packages, please fill out the contact form.

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'CRM perspective of our customers sited on to build long-term relationships condition in the world, for that we discovered Salesforce with a number on this issue, then the Inspark'l to our paths cross with a partner in this business in Turkey.'

Tülin Yılmaz Sel, Marketing Support Manager