30 Nisan 2020

INSPARK & JITTERBIT WEBINAR: A Smarter Approach to Business Transformation

Businesses need access to real-time data to make business decisions, without relying on IT. Getting a 360-degree view of data can be challenging and many businesses look at the upfront cost of a bespoke integration platform.

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges of custom code and the benefits of an integration platform to help you decide whether to build or buy an integration solution to accelerate the digital transformation process.


  • Find the right solution for your integration strategy with Jitterbit and INSPARK
  • Jitterbit Demo
  • Questions & Answers

Please download “Cloud Integration: Build vs. Buy“ before the webinar to learn more about custom coding challenges and benefits of integration platforms.

About Jitterbit

Jitterbit helps businesses make faster, more effective decisions by enabling them to unify and exploit data from all sources. Using the Jitterbit API integration platform companies can rapidly connect SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications and instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process. Jitterbit intuitive API creation technology enables companies to reuse business-critical applications and data to bring new offerings to market in days, not months.


INSPARK not only has a strong expertise in providing software solutions and services since 1990, but also is a different kind of technology company believing in the importance of customer needs and project development accordingly.

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