The Leading European Manufacturer DAD GROUP's Salesforce Journey with INSPARK

“Our customers were impressed by the way we were working, and the staff also enjoy working with Salesforce software because it’s quite user friendly. It was a win-win situation for us, for our customers and also for the whole company.”

Emmanuel Charbonnel – UK Sales & Managing Director





Salesforce Sales Cloud

What were our objectives?

Our objective was to expand DAD UK Salesforce Sales Cloud for 3 other countries.

What did we achieve with the project?

We enabled the adaptation of Salesforce for Dad UK to 3 other countries (Belgium, Germany and France)

For other countries, we created Record Types & Page Layout on Lead & Account & Opportunity objects.

We created Reports and Dashboards for new countries.

We provided training to new users for Salesforce adaptation.

Were there any challenges?

There were some challenges as Visibility & Sharing Rules, Page Layouts, Custom Fields, Reports & Dashboards differed between the 4 countries.

Are there any statistical data?

Increased adaptation of Salesforce within Dad UK. Their license numbers increased by 150%.

Europe’s largest mailbox manufacturer, DAD GROUP, has completed its Salesforce transformation with INSPARK. They accelerated their customer communication processes and achieved a more efficient and up-to-date flow.

Founded in 1872, Decayeux Group decided to improve the customer experience by adding innovation and technology to its knowledge. Europe’s leading mailbox manufacturer has empowered its workflow processes with Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM solution. They optimized their customer management and customer experience service with the Salesforce Sales Cloud solution.

“We talked to Salesforce and they gave us the tool to be faster, more efficient, and more current. And as a result, what we notice is an increase in sales, but we didn’t miss any opportunities.”
Emmanuel Charbonnel

DAD GROUP’s Journey to Salesforce

Founded as a family company in France in 1872, DAD GROUP has faced many renewal processes throughout its 150-year history. With each innovation comes challenging compliance processes and new workflows. The biggest challenge faced by DAD GROUP was not having an up-to-date system in today’s rapidly developing technology. To keep up with the technology, it was necessary to renew not only the production department, but also the way of working. When dated and complex workflows directly affected customer interaction, they realized they needed a new, solution-oriented system. They looked for a system to control their workflow and improve the customer experience, and they finally met with Salesforce.

“We realized that we were not as fast as we should. Our customers were disappointed because we were not reacting fast enough to the inquiries.”
Emmanuel Charbonnel

DAD GROUP accelerated their customer communication with the Salesforce Sales Cloud solution. Customers want their requests to be always prioritized. For this reason, being fast and solution-oriented in customer communication is one of the main goals of all companies.

DAD GROUP received positive feedback from its customers for the fast and efficient processes it achieved thanks to Salesforce. The positive feedback rapidly provided a rising chart in sales.

Transformation of European Offices with INSPARK

DAD GROUP, which first worked with Salesforce in the UK and was successful, also wanted to work with Salesforce in other European offices such as France, Germany and Belgium. The consultant they needed to manage this comprehensive transformation operation was INSPARK. The most challenging and extensive process in the operation began at this stage. The solution used; it differed in each country in terms of visibility, sharing rules, page layouts, custom fields, reports and dashboards. Therefore, the analysis and personalization processes in each country were planned separately. Simultaneously, we increased the Salesforce implementation for DAD GROUP UK and the number of licenses increased by 150%.

For DAD GROUP regional managers who did not have sufficient knowledge in terms of IT, the solution to be implemented had to be explained to them simply and quickly. As INSPARK, we focus on listening and identifying their needs before offering solutions to our customers. First, we completed our analyzes and told them how the solution would benefit.

“We are not into IT. You know we are a manufacturer here, and these guys made it very easy for us to understand what was needed. They knew what they were talking about always on time. The meeting was always precise and efficient. They were very friendly and very good people to work with.”
Emmanuel Charbonnel

We have successfully completed the digital transformation journey of DAD GROUP, a well-established and leader company. In addition to having pleasant and unforgettable moments, we have seen once again how Salesforce improves the customer experience.

Watch the details of INSPARK and DAD GROUP’s pleasant journey in the Success Story video.

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