7 February 2024

Salesforce State of Commerce – 3rd Edition

Insights and trends from 2,700 B2B and B2C commerce leaders and 1.5 billion customers worldwide!

What You’ll Find in This Report

Salesforce surveyed 2,700 commerce leaders and analyzed B2C and B2B buyer behavior of over 1.5 billion customers worldwide to uncover trends such as:

• The strategic priorities of commerce organizations and the challenges holding them back
• How organizations are evaluating, investing in, and implementing artificial intelligence — and specifically generative artificial intelligence
• Payment type preference among buyers and adoption trajectories among organizations.

Practitioner insights in this report come from a double-anonymous survey conducted from October 6 through November 8, 2023.
The survey generated 2,700 responses from commerce decision-makers across a range of departments in North America, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Europe. All respondents are third-party panelists. See page 33 for further survey demographics.

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