27 September 2020

IDC MARKET PERSPECTIVE COVID-19: Factoring in the Impact on Industry

This IDC Market Perspective outlines and discusses IDC’s views on the impacts and effects of Covid-19 by industry and region. This document provides a framework for how to adjust market forecasts to account for the effect of the crisis.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world have introduced unprecedented economic restrictions to slow its spread. While the crisis is escalating and fluid, and the full effect is unclear, one certainty is that technology investments will be impacted. IDC’s Worldwide Black Book Live research currently shows a significant slowdown in spending on hardware during the first half of 2020 with software and services spending also affected as the crisis reverberates through all sectors of the economy. IDC is carefully monitoring conditions and assumptions, and future calibrations are certain.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created tremendous uncertainty around IT spending. It is critical that IT vendors understand how it will affect different industries and regions,” commented Philip Wirth, research manager, Customer Insights and Analysis. “Every industry will be impacted by this pandemic, but in different and intertwined ways. Businesses around the world have transitioned to a remote workforce and experienced supply chain disruptions, and global markets have been thrown into turmoil. These changes will affect how companies in different industries select and time new technology investments.”

This report is a great source of information for the effects of Covid-19 by industry.
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