Reduce costs and emissions all at once.

Carbon is just the beginning. With Net Zero Cloud, you can integrate a complete sustainability management solution into your organization.

What is Net Zero?

A net zero world is a world in balance. Achieving net zero on a global level means emitting no more greenhouse gases than we are able to remove, either by natural means or through technological solutions. Right now, we are way out of that balance.


What is Net Zero Cloud?

Net Zero Cloud is a sustainability management platform designed to help organizations manage their environmental footprint and track their progress to net zero. It tracks Scope 1, Scope 2, and the majority of Scope 3 emissions. Companies that use Net Zero Cloud get a single source of truth for their carbon emissions. They can analyze individual assets and understand impact across location and time. Net Zero Cloud also provides useful reports and executive-ready visualizations in a few clicks, allowing you to easily track and manage emissions.


Efficiently manage real-time sustainability data.

Integrate data from multiple sources, leverage auto-updated datasets, and ensure data is auditable for investor and regulatory reports.

Automate supplier emissions tracking.

Collaborate with suppliers to track and take action on full value chain emissions.

Forecast and reduce risk.

Get intelligent emissions predictions, recommendations for reduction, and progress tracking toward net zero targets.

Make sustainability part of every decision.
Salesforce has everything you need to grow with sustainability top of mind.

  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Get real-time data analytics
  • Drive productivity on one platform

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What insights does Net Zero Cloud Provide?

Comprehensive Sustainability Management:

  • Get investor-grade data and detailed dashboards for scope 1,2 and 3 emissions, plus waste management, all in one place.

Trusted Supplier Engagement:

  • Collaborate safely and securely with suppliers with pre-built portal template and supplier management.

Actionable Insights:

  • Find your fastest path to net zero with what-if analysis, alignment to science-based targets, and forecasting.

Fast, Agile and Scalable Platform:

  • Use the full power of Salesforce to customize apps and workflows, and seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources.

Why Net zero cloud?

  • Acts as a single source of truth for all environmental your data
  • Brings together siloed data records for GHG emissions
  • Acts as a 360° sustainability management software to track all your emissions
  • Net Zero Cloud is a forward-looking platform that allows you to forecast what your emissions will look like and take action
  • Accounts for day-to-day energy use data, such as electricity and fuel
  • Converts and reports energy use to tCO2e (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent)
  • Helps organizations track and report on energy and carbon emissions across:
    • Locations, Teams, Fiscal Years, Stationary Assets (Owned or leased buildings)
    • Vehicle fleets (owned or outsourced), Employee business travel
    • Waste Management

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